4 Types Of Kitchen Equipment To Consider Investing In Before Opening Your New Restaurant

Posted on: 30 November 2021

Opening a new restaurant is exciting, but the process comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the most important things you must do is ensure that you have a well-equipped kitchen to ensure optimal service for your customers. Here are a few pieces of kitchen equipment to consider investing in before you open your new restaurant's doors for the first time:  

A Char-Broiler

A good char-broiler sears seasonings into meat and vegetables and gives the food a smokey flavor that it would not get in the oven or from a pan on the stove. Whether you plan to serve up steaks, chicken thighs, pork chops, or veggie kebobs, a char-broiler will give your meat and vegetable dishes richer flavor and more depth. Char-broilers can be used on top of charcoal, gas, and electric heat sources depending on the sources you choose to incorporate into your kitchen.

A Combination Oven

A combo oven incorporates three different kinds of cooking into one piece of equipment. The first cooking mode is convection and the second is steam. The third mode is a combination of both steam and convection cooking. Combination ovens allow you to cook many different types of foods without the need for multiple different pieces of equipment. Gently steam fish, cook rice, roast veggies, and quickly heat frozen items without drying them out.

A Vegetable Chopper

Chopping vegetables up can be extremely time-consuming for your cooks, so help them out by investing in a vegetable chopper. This piece of countertop equipment will help your cooks work much more quickly during prep time. For example, these machines can process dozens of carrots in the time that it would take someone to process just a couple of carrots by hand. Any kind of vegetable can be processed through a countertop chopper.

A Countertop Warming Drawer

No matter how well trained, organized, and cooperative your kitchen staff are, sometimes food items will be ready at different times. To keep a steak or mashed potatoes from getting cold while waiting for the rest of a meal to be finished, you can put the food that is prematurely ready in a warming drawer. Once all the other components of the meal are ready, the food in the warming drawer will be moist, delicious, and ready to serve to a customer.

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